Seeing a creepy spider is one thing; deliberately walking through a haunted tunnel to meet a ghost is another. Work up your courage this summer and visit Niagara Falls to do some of the best haunted activities in Ontario.

1. Screaming Tunnels Haunted House

Named after Niagara Region’s real-life Screaming Tunnels, the Screaming Tunnels Haunted House takes those who dare through a series of frightening twisting and turning hallways. Each journey through the tunnels is complete with monsters, slashers, freak shows and more.

2. Ghost Walks

Take a lantern-lit ghost tour through the spookiest streets in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The hub of paranormal activity is based around the Fort George National Historic Site where hundreds of ghostly sightings have been reported. Listen in horror as tour guides regale you with thrilling, real-life accounts of spirit encounters along with frightening historical tales of crime and murder.

3. Nightmares Fear Factory

Legend has it that Niagara’s Nightmares Fear Factory is sitting on the original site of the Cataract Coffin Company, where it is said that proprietor Abraham Mortimer’s ghost still roams the halls. Try not to chicken out as you walk through the creepy and terrifying rooms of the old factory.

4. The Real Screaming Tunnels

The dark tunnel that was once the underpass of the Grand Turk Railway Lines in Thorold, Ontario is now known as the Screaming Tunnel. Legend says that a young girl died in the tunnel at the hands of her father, yet her spirit still remains. For those who are brave enough, head to the tunnel at night with one lit wooden match and wait for it to be extinguished by the little girl.

5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Experience a world of weird and abnormal things collected inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not on the world-famous Clifton Hill. The museum is over 10,000 sq. ft. and you will find unbelievable exhibits like two-headed animals, shrunken heads, rare skeletons and a kitschy variety of other strange items.

6. Niagara’s Haunted Hallways

Take a spine-tingling walk through the corridors of Niagara’s Haunted Hallways located in the Niagara Falls Fun Zone. With terrifying surprises around every corner, you never know what might jump out to meet you next.

7. The Haunted House

See if you are strong enough to walk The Haunted House on Clifton Hill with ghosts, ghouls and skeletons lurking around every corner. Test your wits when faced with the darker side of Niagara’s famous hill.

By Devan Wylie