paintball-nation-linkWhen a group of moms plan a night out together, the simpler the process the better. We are already so busy keeping children in order, getting our work done, and nurturing our relationships, so when we found the WagJag offer to go paintballing, we were thrilled!! (see: terrified)

It was one of those decisions that happened quickly. We laughed pretty hard when the “wouldn’t it be hilarious if we went paint balling?” question came up. Then, as if we had to remind ourselves that we have given birth to actual human beings, and that paintball shouldn’t be scary, we confirmed our order.

What have we just gotten ourselves into?

We left the kids in the hands of the husbands, and head off to Paintball Nation in Burlington (parking is around back for those of you who take advantage of this fun day out) and we walk in with nervous laughter. As we get in there, there are about 40 kids who are celebrating birthdays, all decked out in their gear, and the best sight for my eyes… no one was crying. This meant if a bunch of 8 year old’s were having a great time, I was in for a real hoot.


We got ourselves set up with the best couture coveralls we could find, had our safety lesson and filled our guns with the paintballs. Though admission and gear is included, we opted to pay a few bucks to borrow the coveralls, and bought about 100 paint balls each. They have low impact paint balls for the kids (or for chickens like me), but being a popular birthday party spot, we were using the regular ones. These little things fly at 235 feet per second, so you can’t blame us for wanting the smaller ones!

We clung to a family of professional paint ballers in the waiting area, asking them questions about whether this was their first time, what it was like, does it hurt etc. They ended up letting us know it was a really fun time together, and that you become addicted to the game. At this point we couldn’t even see the 15,000 square foot field so we were taking their words for it, but they ended up being right!


I could feel my heart racing, and it was go time.

We met our referees, Andrew and John, who were extremely friendly, really knowledgeable and took our safety to heart. For those of you wondering, NO, you cannot use them as human shields.

4Walking onto the field, it was like an underground scene from the movies. It was dimly lit, with piles of tires, walls, barriers and places for us to hide. We saw our 16 year old competitors run into the next room to plan their attack on us, but the best news came when we found out we were playing 5 minute games, and it wasn’t a free for all attack on the Mom’s who have never played paint ball before! We tried to come up some strategies, but less than a minute into the game, I was hit by a paint ball and it splattered all over me. It was at that very moment, I was having the best time and we were shrieking with laughter. As the games ended, and started again, we had more fun than the previous game. At the end of our third game, these teens told us we were better than they expected us to be. Imagine the joy on these faces when we heard that!


Our vouchers mentioned that our excursion was good for walk in use only, but I’d recommend calling ahead to ask if they’ve got any parties booked, or what their off peak hours are. Birthday parties are obviously a huge hit here, but they also book a lot of Corporate parties for team building exercises, and Stag parties. We had a blast going in and trying something new, fighting through the anxieties wondering if it would hurt and we are proud to say that this was a really affordable option with WagJag, a spontaneous and adventurous outing, and we’ll do it again (this time with the husbands!)

Bruise count: 1


By Kristie Shaver

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