americana-resort-dealLast month, my new friend and coworker Reenee had the pleasure of taking her husband and three children (ages two, five and six) to Waves Indoor Waterpark. I would have liked to go myself, but a woman in her late 20s visiting a water park by herself has a pretty good chance of getting arrested. Rather than risk it, I sat down with Reenee to get the details and live vicariously through her story.

She and the family arrived at Waves on a Monday morning, and immediately ordered lunch—a huge pizza for everyone to share. Eating at Waves is easy—besides the fact that the food is surprisingly well-priced for an amusement park, the Waves deck is structured to have both an upper and lower area. It’s a piece of cake (or pizza!) to take your food to the upper deck, along with all your stuff, and grab a table. And as a bonus, Reenee explained, “It’s overlooking the water park, so if your kids want to take off and go on a slide, you can keep an eye on them from where you are.”

A view of the pool at Americana Waves indoor Waterpark.

Reenee and her husband even went on a few of the slides themselves, and spent more time in the water than out. “I was in there the whole time with [the kids],” she told me. “What’s awesome is that the older two could go on every slide on their own, and the youngest could go on with us, so the height restrictions were perfect for them.”

Kids and their parents splashing around in the pool at Waves Indoor Waterpark.

That’s a refreshing change from other water parks, where Reenee’s two-year-old son is too short to be allowed on many of the slides. At Waves, no one felt left out. “They also have a preschool area, which is really cool, because my two-year-old [got to play] on his own. I had to watch him and whatnot, but he felt good about himself, he could climb up and go down the slides on his own. He felt like a big kid.”

A cute little boy having fun in the water swing at Waves Indoor Waterpark.

Another bonus for Reenee’s family—because they went on a Monday, the park was nearly empty. Imagine having a 25,000 square foot water park all to yourself! The kids must have been in heaven. Reenee asked her kids what they liked best about their day at Waves, and they confirmed: “They liked the fact that they could go on the “big people slides” all by themselves. There was also the fact that the lineups weren’t long, so they got off the slide, they climbed back up, they went back down. They kept rotating.

“I could see they liked the independence. It wasn’t big, so I wasn’t worried about where they were. I wasn’t helicoptering or hovering over them, they were running free, and I think they liked the independence of the experience.”

A group of older kids running up to get splashed by a giant fountain at Waves Indoor Waterpark.

When asked if she’d go back, Reenee answered with a resounding, “Absolutely. I’d consider asking friends to go with us, so that the kids can have a good time and just chill out and talk. Because it’s more low-key than [other water parks], it’s something you can do on a whim, on a day trip. You don’t necessarily have to plan an overnight stay and dish out all that money— and if you have younger kids, they’re going to have just as much fun.”

By Andrea Smith
Images courtesy of Waves Indoor Waterpark.