WagJag is turning five years old, and to celebrate we’ve decided to take a look back at the ways our beloved WagJag has changed since its inception. The site itself has undergone multiple overhauls, with our dedicated development team working diligently to make WagJag easier to use for both our staff and customers. To get a better sense of how the WagJag experience has changed over the years, we turned to the people who’ve been on the WagJag team the longest.

The Deals

Screenshot of WagJag.com at launch in 2010

WagJag.com at launch in 2010.

“When we first launched WagJag, we didn’t have the ability to create tabs and separate the information we were sharing with our customers. We did so in small sections on the deal page called “Highlights” and “Offer Details.” I was always a little confused by those terms. When we launched our new site we changed the “Offer Details” to “Fine Print” and gave it its own tab. The deal restrictions are so important when it comes to customers making a final decision to buy something. It deserves its own tab! For “Highlights,” we merged that cool information about the business or their services within our write-ups and some really essential information in the “What You Get” section.

“Our write-ups contain the same aspect of wit, humour and entertainment as we started with, but different categories demand different information to be front and centre. We are constantly working with marketing to make sure that our voice is still relevant and that we are creating content that’s enjoyable to read for everyone.”

– Deanna D., Editorial Manager

A screenshot of WagJag.com from 2012.

What WagJag.com looked like in 2012.

The Travel

WagJag Travel has gone through many changes in the last few years. For a brief time our sister site, Jaunt.ca, hosted all of our travel content, both local and international. But we missed our hotel partners too much at WagJag, so local travel came back and is stronger than ever, with reputable chains consistently running amazing hotel and entertainment packages to favourite destinations; Niagara, anyone?”

Screenshot of WagJag.com's article sidebar

The old article section on WagJag.com.

– Jenn M., Senior Travel Editor

The Blog

“I think the writers had been asking to add a blog section to WagJag.com pretty much since I started working here in 2010, so it was a pretty huge victory when we were finally able to redesign the site and add one last year. Before, we could publish a handful of short articles in our Grocery or Golf sections, but we were pretty limited in what we could share with people (quite literally – I think there were four slots for articles, and writing more than that meant that we would have to delete the others! It was a weird system).

“Now, we can communicate with our customers so much more thanks to our blog. It’s great to finally be able to post about cool new deals we’re running, fun recipes we’ve been trying and ways that we’re improving the site. Plus, now I can add animated GIFs to things, which I have entirely too much fun with.”

– Shazia K., Senior Editor

The Media

“Since I started at WagJag in late 2013, the site has undergone a complete overhaul that has resulted in a number of positive changes. One of the biggest was moving away from the concept of a “daily deal” taking centre stage while other deals were promoted as secondary on a given day. We instead introduced a carousel on the home page and broke down all our available deals into categories such as Home & Auto, Sports & Fitness and Grocery, essentially giving customers full control over what they see and the ability to zero in on a particular type of deal that appeals to them.

“Another big change we made to the site is the ability to include rich media such as video content, which works particularly well with deals where photos just don’t do enough justice (like destinations and experiences). Video content allows the customer to be more immersed in whatever exciting activity they choose before buying.

“Finally, the introduction of a Top 10 category allows customers to take advantage of our hottest deals with the click of a button and saves them from sifting through a potentially long list of other deals in order to get the most bang for their buck.”

– Jesse W., Graphic Designer

The Website in General

“Over the past five years, WagJag.com has changed drastically – a brand new website and mobile app, stronger customer service team and lots of contests, promotions and rewards in appreciation of our amazing customers. We love our customers and are committed to providing them with quality deals and friendly service. Looking forward, we’ll continue to evolve as we strive to serve them better.”

– Krista M., Marketing Specialist


We’ve come a long way from the site five years ago.

 By Andrea Smith