ufly-deal-linkAs a mother of two young girls, I recognize the importance of Daddy Daughter dates. For one, they get to spend quality time together, but it’s also an opportunity for my husband to show them how a fella should treat a lady. We are always making sure that they continue these traditions together, and it wasn’t until my husband said “I hope the girls always let me take them on dates” that I realized I hadn’t taken my own Dad on one for quite some time, and that was about to change!


My Dad is a spontaneous, life loving man, who turns to mush when it comes to his family, so I wanted to do more than just take him for dinner. I wanted to show him a GREAT time! So, I immediately checked out WagJag because a) they always have the coolest things to do, and b) this girl loves a great deal. I had a top 10 list within minutes, but what caught my eye the most was the uFly Simulator experience!

I used to be a flight attendant myself, and as I was jet setting across Canada, the UK and the Caribbean, my Dad was always my biggest fan (and always has been). He thought I lived the most exciting life and was always so intrigued by what happened on the flights, so I planned the date through the WagJag website (which is easier than pie, by the way) and received my voucher immediately!

“Dad, we’re going on a date. Clear your Friday!”

I didn’t tell him where we were going, and he was like a kid on the way there. “Are we there yet? Is it this? Is it that? Give me a hint!” We pulled up to uFly and you should have seen his face…actually, you can see it here! Pure joy. Laughing. Shaking my shoulders with excitement. It was already a perfect day and we hadn’t even gone in yet.


Walking in, my Dad immediately turned into a kid in a candy store (a different role from his previous “kid in a car” position. Model airplanes everywhere (over 600!), a lovely pilot named Rose greeted us and introduced us to Claudio, the owner, and virtual pilot. In typical Dad fashion, he tells Claudio he used to fly gliders, so they had an instant bond and spent the next hour chatting about everything aviation-related. I was immediately impressed by the kindness shown by Claudio. It’s not every day that the owner of an establishment takes those extra steps to make their customers feel like they matter the most, but that’s exactly what he did.


With our reservation time upon us, we were able to choose our desired package, because there are options to take off and land from 24,000 airports, and they can also set you up with different weather conditions like sun, snow, fog, rain and lightning! We chose to take off and land in Toronto because it is our hub airport anyway and we both travel often from there, but you will be blown away at how REAL it seems when it’s raining. Plus, knowing this opportunity meant we were experiencing the ONLY 777 simulator in North America, we were really trying to hold it together!


We then met OUR personal pilot, Luigi who brought us into the briefing room (so professional) where we discussed our flight, and headed off to take care of business, but not before we ordered our coffee! Once inside the simulator, I immediately put on the pilot’s cap and we jumped into the seats because the kid in anyone is released once you get the opportunity to fly a plane! The HD views of the runway and airport are so real. You can see people far off, walking around the tarmac, directing other planes, cars and trucks minding their own airport business, and the runway ahead of you ready for take off.


What I really admired about this experience is that First Officer Luigi was there to guide us with the proper steps and support to actually fly a plane. Each step we took was monitored, the instruments within the Flight Deck were the same, and while the actual simulator doesn’t move, its top-notch quality makes you feel like you’re in the air!

As a 30 something year old woman, with her 60 something year old Dad, we were giggling like kids, intently listening and following instructions, and feeling pretty proud of what we had accomplished. Now, I don’t want to brag or anything (just kidding, I am in full brag mode here), but I was a natural. Dad, on the other hand…let’s just say I’d think twice about jumping aboard an aircraft if he’s the Captain 😉

Our DDDD (Dad Daughter Date Day) was a 10 out of 10 for spontaneity, adventure, and an out of the box idea which I have already recommended to friends and family. If you’re looking for a birthday party idea, I’d highly recommend asking them about their parties! The added benefits to hosting a party there would make any kid (or adult, obviously) feel like King or Queen of the world. We tested out this intense Dog Fight simulator that would have taken all the change from my pockets if I had any, and had me shrieking with laughter! (I wish I could show you the video – hysterical).


If you’ve got someone in your life who is interested in aviation, this WagJag deal can’t be beat, and you’ll be left with memories for a lifetime, that is for sure! Don’t forget to nab the Go Pro video footage of you flying as you’ve got the option to purchase (for a very reasonable rate) a USB to show off your new skills!

Ultimately, moments like this are what I believe life are all about. I’d go again and again just to see that look of pure joy on my Dad’s face. As an annual Googler of “Gift Ideas for Him” for every birthday and holiday, WagJag and uFly helped me mesh a date, a gift, an experience, and a lasting memory together, and it was aces!

By Kristie Shaver

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